Farming Simulator 2013

Lifelike environment for trying out tractors and other equipment


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Get Down and Dirty on the Farm

Have you ever wanted the chance to work on a real farm? If so, then Farming Simulator 2013 might be the game for you. Players are given the chance to manage their very own farm and complete a wide range of tasks. Read the review to discover if this game delivers the fun that it promises.

Players are put in charge with their very own farm in a country town. The aim of the game, and in fact the only real goal, is to grow crops and make as much money as possible. However, there is no final objective to the game and after a few minutes the goal of making money may seem rather pointless.

Unlike most games of this type, players are not presented with new types of houses or other elements that they can buy with their game money and add to their farm. Without much else to do, gamers are simply pushed to complete the same tasks over and over again, much as they would have to do if they actually owned a farm. Is this play, or just pure work?

The storyline of the game is also strangely missing. Players are not really told anything about their character or why they are working on the farm. At the star of the game players are simply instructed to choose a crop from a selection of four different types of seeds. They then plant the seeds in their field, wait for them to grow, harvest their new crop and then sell it. Then they repeat these steps, again and again and again.

Despite this realistic element of work, work, work, there are no real obstacles for players to avoid. The crop cannot become damaged and players always receive a good harvest. There are so many ways that the game could have been made more interesting, but the creators carefully manage to avoid each and every one of them to keep the game flat and directionless.

One of the things that all simulators have in common is that they offer gamers the chance to step inside a different world and even help to create that world. While this works well with theme park and zoo simulators, being on a farm simply isn’t that exciting. One of the saving graces of most simulators is that they offer great graphics, but that simply isn’t the case here. The graphics are so bad that they actually make the game worse and playing may feel like a punishment rather than a joy.

It feels like the creators of Farming Simulator 2013 had to cut some serious corners to get the game out on time and under budget. There are no slick effects or anything else exciting about the game and even things such as driving your combine harvester through a field has been given a dose of realism that takes all of the excitement, if indeed there was any excitement to begin with, out of the experience.

Farming is not the dream occupation of many people and although this game tries to present it in a fun way, ultimately it is rather dull. Even if you have your heart set on being a future farmer, you are sure to be put off by the bad graphics and even worse tutorials. Playing Farming Simulator 2013 is more of an experience to endure rather than enjoy.


  • The game play is very focused
  • The inadequacy of the game can be rather funny


  • The graphics are very bad
  • The tutorials are confusing rather than instructive
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