Farming Simulator 2013

Lifelike environment for trying out tractors and other equipment


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Farming Simulator 2013 follows its predecessors as a new and improved game with a wide range of farming activities such as the use of licensed farm tools and vehicles. You manage your farm as you try to make a more profitable farm. The chief goal of the game is to earn money to improve your farm. On the downside, the graphics have more of a functional feel than a realistic one, and the vehicles will only leave marks on the ground when you are plowing. You have a lot of real farming manufacturers in the game like:

  • Case IH
  • Lamborghini
  • Deutz-Fahr
  • Amazone
  • Horsch

While the farm vehicles are slow as you might expect, they still lack in the level of realism. For example, you can crash your tractor into the barn without damage to the barn, and the environment still needs greater diversity. As a simulator for farming, the adoption of a more dynamic environment would improve the game. The way that it works now you have grinding and dull work. You never feel like you are taming the elements. Ultimately, you are just going through the motions.

Farming Simulator 2013 has improved on some level, but the graphics still need more work, and the overall experience feels somewhat hollow. Still, if you enjoyed the previous installments of the Farming Simulator series, then this will have a lot of the same elements. This farm simulator is one of the most focused games on the business side of farming that you will ever play. Your goal is to grow crops and make money, but there are no final objectives, and there are no story lines or cosmetic money sinks. You choose a seed to plant, harvest it and sell it. Finally, you invest the cash back into growing your farm.

What makes the game feel somewhat unrealistic is how it can be almost impossible to damage your crops. Unless you don't pay attention, you cannot fail or run into a no-win situation. The game needs a little better challenge than what it offers. When it comes to investments, you have dozens of possible investments that you can make like more than forty different plots of land, dozens of licensed vehicles and additional buildings. To give you an idea, you only start with a single plot of land. The additional buildings that you can buy include greenhouses and solar collectors.

After you have bought multiple plots of land, you can take a dozen tractors to coordinate your efforts and lower the downtime. While it can take hundreds of hours of work to own everything, that could be said to be the ultimate goal of the game. You also have different directions that you can take your farm. For example, you can choose livestock or build your farm upon the foundation of faster machines. You have to think about what suits your strategy the best. If you select a more valuable crop, it will take more work and extra machinery.

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